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Dolphin Watching – Bais
July 21, 2010  |  Destinations

Described as one of the most successful dolphin-and-whale watching operations in the country, the cruise takes off from Port Capiñahan every 8:00 AM and traverses the Bay towards Tañon Strait, the narrow channel between Negros and Cebu islands, acknowledged to have one of the biggest concentrations of cetaceans in the world.
Out of twenty-four cetaceans sighted in Philippine waters, eleven species are found in the Bais Bay – Tañon Strait area. Among these are dolphins and the pygmy sperm whale Kogia simos. The Bais City government operates two Dolphinboats. Five privately-owned pumpboats are also available. The cruise averages six hours. It may include side trips to Talabong Island and the White Sand Bar.

Talabong Island is located in South Bais Bay. It has an area of 217.59 hectares, heavily vegetated with 85% mangroves and 15% associated mangrove species, which provides an ideal habitat for significant fish and shellfish species, various marine life, birds and wildlife.

Bais City is 45 kilometers (approximately one hour travel time by all type vehicles) north of Dumaguete City.

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